Mr Yupychil Space Walker

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Mr Yupychil Space Walker

Mr Yupychil is a space walking astronaut wearing a phosphorescent suit that absorbs light and glows in the dark! He looks just as though he's space walking as he bounces around on the end of a long spring, glowing in your room at night. Give his spring a pull as you hang him from your ceiling or curtain railing, or use him as a space-themed prop for a school project! He's all geared up to bounce up and down until the Earth's gravity finally keeps him grounded!

He's a great companion to hang around, so sit him near a light source to charge, then hang him in a dark room! Please note that Mr Yupychil does require natural light during the day in order to glow properly at night.

Dimensions: 11cm long x 6cm wide (without spring).